Backyard Pet “Fruit Bats or much known

Backyard Pet “Fruit Bats or much known as Mega Bats”

Megabat is the common name for any of the largely herbivorous Old World bats comprising the suborder Megachiroptera of the order Chiroptera (bats), characterized by true wings and flight (as with all bats), large and prominent eyes, claws generally on the second digits supporting the wings, and an excellent sense of smell. Echolocation is almost unknown among the megabats, while it is prominent in the other major division of bats, the microbats, comprising the suborder Microchiroptera.

Extant megabats are placed in one family, Pteropodidae, which has about 170 species. These species are found in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Megabats primarily feed on fruit, nectar, or pollen. These flying mammals are also referred to as fruit bats, old world fruit bats, or flying foxes, or more specifically as Megachiropteran fruit bats.

Many of the megabat nectarivores are important for pollination of flowering plants, transfer pollen as they feed on the nectar of plants. Other megabats are important for plants as agents of seed dispersal. For humans, the large size, large eyes, and somewhat “spectral appearance” of the megabats has led to their sometimes being portrayed in horror movies to represent vampires or to otherwise lend an aura of spookiness. In reality, the bats of this group are almost exclusively herbivorous creatures and pose no direct threat to human beings, baby cows, or ill children. Posted by

Backyard Pet “Fruit Bats or much known

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