Backyard Renovation Building the Dog Fen

Backyard Renovation Building the Dog Fence part 2 posted by

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in to the channel. In this video Part 2 of the backyard renovation upgrade landscaping. I will be building this new dog fence kennel for my 2 siberian huskies. I’m building this so that can have their own designated area to play and hang out and do their business. I previously had them throughout the whole backyard which wasn’t working out too well as they messed up all the grass and with the additional water that is being accumulated around the house and lawn. It wasn’t helping to have the dogs running around in the whole backyard and destroying the grass. This dog fence is brand new fence that I just purchased and decided to build it the dimensions that best suit me. The original size of the dog metal fence is 4×8. As I was going to attach the metal fence to the wood fence I was able to build the metal dog fence to be 16×8 feet. Which basically doubles the size. As you can see in the video I built an L shape metal fence attached to the previous wood fence.
Not in this video but in the upcoming videos I plan to install some patio slabs in the dog kennel area so that way they can stay a but more clean and stay out of the mud and dead grass. But also leave an area with mulch or gravel so they can also use the washroom and do their business there. The other plans for the backyard is to interlock a patio area for table and bbq and chairs and small area for the kids to play on. Along with the interlocking i will be also building a wood deck out of pressure treated wood. The deck is literally only being built to put a 12×12 round aboveground pool. Instead of installing the pool on the grass and it also not be level. We decided to build a 16×14 wood deck so we can install the pool on. It is very important to have the ground level that the pool will be resting on. Therefore this is the reason we built the wood deck. The grading of the property was sloped away from the home which is 100% normal. Which made the grass ground not level. Also assuming that the grass around the pool will moslikey die, is another reason why we thought the wood deck would be best.

Backyard Renovation Building the Dog Fen

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